Sunday, October 9, 2011

Paciencia y Fe

As I posted in my last blog, I am now covering the role of Abuela Claudia for Tech week, Previews and the first week of shows so I am actually onstage and wearing the muumuu and orthopedic shoes.  YES!!!!  So grateful, humbled and a teeny bit overwhelmed by all of this.  Living the dream!

Last Friday, we arrived to the theatre for the first time and when I walked into the house and saw the set I got a little choked up.  It is stunning and suddenly everything became so real....again.  We got to walk around the stage....getting to know our new hood and becoming familiar with the set.  When they pulled down the 2nd Bodega grate with Abuela Claudia's painting on it and the words Paciencia y Fe, I almost lost it....and then I promptly went out and bought some bronzer because she is WAY tanner than me.

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  1. Hi! ^^
    I am translating to spanish the musical and wanted to know if I can use your photo of the mural of Abuela Claudia in the video, I will make the corresponding appropriations.