Sunday, September 25, 2011

Half-naked in Brooklyn eating pizza from a Jewish deli

The title of this blog is what I was doing just moments before typing.  No, I am not joking.  About 2 bites into my slice of cheese, I turned to JP and said this is hilarious, here we are "half-naked in Brooklyn eating pizza from a Jewish deli".  Then I insisted this must be the title of my next blog.  He then proceeded to create a whole franchise: Blog, Book, Movie (he speculated that the movie title would of course be shortened by the producers to just "Half-naked in Brooklyn" because that exudes something far sexier than what was actually going on...2 starving people, sweating their butts off and fighting over air from the fan we had set up directly in front of us on high speed.)   I really shouldn't complain, look at what my neighbors are wearing:

Anyway, back to In the Heights updates.  Rehearsals are going well.  This week I even got my own understudy music rehearsal with Kurt and got to fill in for Camila on a scene while she was at a fitting!!  This cast is crazy good, ya'll.  I spend most of my time at rehearsal watching the ladies I understudy and frantically writing down all their blocking, cues, props etc. and usually singing along with them under my breath or saying their lines along with them into my hand.  They are all so gracious and kind and never make me feel weird for staring at them all day or asking them to repeat something that I may have missed. 

Last Sunday we headed to Tainted Blue Recording studio after rehearsal to do some recordings.  Apparently, this is the same recording studio that Tupac was shot at in 1994.  CRAZY!!!  Here is a photo of the view from the studio's terrace

This past Thursday, Abuela and her understudies (me and the gal playing Daniela) went to Charles LaPointe Wig Design to get fitted for our wigs and learn how to do age make-up.  I am pretty sure I saw them creating wigs for Wicked and the Addams family while I was there (at least those are the ones I could easily identify).  After I got fitted for my wig, Dave taught me how to do age make-up and here is the finished product.

Only 4 more rehearsal and then we head to South Carolina for Tech!! 

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